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The proper care of your carpets and rugs is essential to maintaining a pleasing aesthetic for your business. With a reputation for stellar client care and quality cleaning services, EB Services is proud to offer a wide variety of innovative methods for carpet, rug, and upholstery sanitation and maintenance. Our in-depth cleaning process leaves carpets smelling clean and looking refreshed, and with regular cleaning by EB Services, you can keep your rugs and carpets looking as pristine as the day they were purchased.

Our process for upholstery cleaning is equally in-depth, but a little different, including a multi-step procedure in which fabrics receive an initial spot treatment, a pre-spray solution to help lift dirt and odours, then an overall cleansing with our specialized equipment.

Detailed Carpet Cleaning

At EB Services, our sanitation specialists utilize a multi-stage process to yield maximum results when cleaning your rugs and carpets. This patented process typically dries within a few hours and leaves behind no residues. After performing a detailed steam cleaning, we go over your fabrics with a spot treatment to remove any remaining stains not removed by the steaming procedure. We then apply a deodoriser to neutralize any odours and leave your fabrics with a fresh, clean scent. The entire method is accomplished with the highest quality solutions and cleaning equipment, ensuring your carpets and rugs are receiving a thorough clean.

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carpet cleaning toronto

Professional Carpet Cleaning

By combining our focus on cost efficiency with our meticulous cleaning techniques, we’re able to ensure a deep down clean for your rugs, carpet, and upholstery, thereby preventing dirt and other contaminants from affecting the health of your clients and employees. Many areas can prove to be especially difficult to clean with traditional methods, such as vacuuming. In the office, carpet runners on stairways, as well as staircases with full carpet, can also pose a challenge while cleaning due to the numerous corners and crevices present.

Certain areas of buildings can be more humid and, as a result, are more likely to stimulate the growth of mould and fungus. This can be hazardous to the health of your clients and employees in terms of respiratory illness. Additionally, high-traffic zones, like staircases and hallways can often harbour more dust and dirt, especially when near entrances. These areas benefit most from professional cleaning on a more regular basis. Thanks to our top-quality equipment and notorious eye for detail, you can be sure that every part of your business’ carpet receives an intensive clean.

Carpet Cleaning for Your Business

At EB Services, we understand how much appearance matters when it comes to business. Whether your aim is to create a positive impression for clients or to boost employee morale, a beautiful environment is always impactful. Having your carpets regularly cleaned by our sanitation specialists can not only extend the life of your office’s carpeting, but also aids in the maintenance of your office environment. Moreover, our extensively trained staff use their superior techniques and innovative equipment in the cleaning process in order to ensure a diligently detailed clean every time.

With our specialized carpet cleaning services, our knowledgeable staff are able to sanitize many different types of carpet and upholstery, removing the stubborn stains, allergens, mould, and other bacteria that can be harming your staff and clients. Our patented process leaves your fabrics with a fresh scent and a great appearance.

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