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Condominium living is a unique experience as individual ownership is combined with common spaces. This requires a specialized approach to maintenance best provided by a professional janitorial cleaning company. EB Services takes pride in offering a wide array of custom services to help maintain a tidy, welcoming environment for your owners and visitors.

The Challenges of Condominium Cleaning

The general upkeep of your condominium property can often provide a challenge for property managers as residential buildings have many areas which require routine care. Though each condo owner is responsible for cleaning their own suite, it is important for the common areas to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis so as to remain an inviting, hygienic, and safe space for both residents and visitors.

Condominium cleaning varies greatly from other types of commercial cleaning and EB Services understands that our approach to cleaning must always adjust to suit each building’s specifications. Building managers desire professional cleaning services who are able to adapt to their ever-changing needs, who can work to maintain cleanliness in a discrete fashion. This is especially crucial for maintaining the reputation of luxury and high-end condominiums. Creating a cleaning schedule which allows our expert team to be in and out during times of low traffic is preferable to most property managers and we work with you to build a plan that fits your building’s needs.

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condominium cleaning toronto

Professional Cleaning for Condominiums

Managing a condominium means ensuring the property gives a beautiful first impression for visitors. With routine cleaning and sanitation through EB Services, you can rest assured that each communal area is kept immaculate. Attention to detail is intensely important when maintaining a beautiful condominium and our team works diligently to make sure all common spaces are pristine from top to bottom.

In addition to the overall appearance of your building, the sanitation must be a high priority. High traffic areas such as elevators, hallways, and entrances are common breeding grounds for bacteria. Moreover, dust and dirt accumulation is more common in these areas due to shared ventilation systems, combined with dirt tracked in from outside. With a full-service, professional cleaning team for your condominium, you can be sure that these spaces will be cleaned and sanitized eliminating germs and helping to safeguard the health of your residents and visitors.

condominium cleaning toronto

Cleaning Services for Condominiums

EB Services has several decades experience in the janitorial industry and applies it expertly, providing superior cleaning services to all types of condominium buildings throughout the Greater Toronto Area for a long list of clients. We offer our typical cleaning services, such as dusting, vacuuming, trash removal, and sweeping. Additionally, we work to disinfect communal areas which harbour harmful bacteria, such as buzzer boards in entrances and elevator button panels. These duties can be performed on a nightly, semi-weekly, or weekly basis, depending on your building’s unique needs.

Flooring is another area of concern when it comes to cleaning. Whether hard-surface or carpeted, EB Services offers a solution. With our floor strip and wax treatment, we’re able to professionally care for your hard-surface flooring, removing layers of dust and debris, which can build up and cause unsightly damage in the form of nicks and scratches. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions deliver a deep clean for carpets, area rugs, and furniture, if requested, and leave your fabrics looking beautiful and smelling fresh.

By tailoring a cleaning plan with one of our brilliant consultants, you can be sure your building is receiving the exact care it requires. Our adept staff is fully trained, insured, and bonded, ensuring they not only work safely, but they deliver the quality results EB Services is known for. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us today.

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At EB Services, we aim to deliver efficient sanitation solutions at a competitive price for businesses throughout the GTA, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, and Oakville.

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