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At EB Services, we understand the importance of maintaining a professional, clean environment from floor to ceiling. This is why, in addition to our wide variety of premier cleaning services, our sanitation specialists are well-trained in floor care techniques utilizing top-of-the-line commercial janitorial floor waxes and equipment.

Our expert team services countless industries, ensuring the masterful care of all your hard-surface flooring, maximizing your investment for years to come. Professional cleaning on a regular basis can be especially beneficial for those in industries which receive heavy foot traffic as is often seen in retail settings. Areas that are prone to high traffic are most likely to harbour dirt and grit, particularly in the winter months, which can visibly and permanently damage many flooring types.

Professional Floor Care for your Professional Environment

The regular maintenance of your hard-surface flooring is an important part of your company’s image. Having a professional looking environment lends itself enormously to brand identity. Moreover, a clean workspace for your staff is an incredible boost for employee morale.

The general upkeep of your flooring isn’t just important in terms of your company’s overall professional appearance; it plays a large part in ensuring the safety of your employees as well. When a floor is poorly maintained, the chances of a slip and fall or tripping over uneven surfaces is greatly increased. Additionally, without professional care, improper techniques can be used and the correct methods can be overlooked. For example, constant use of floor wax without stripping can cause a build up of wax, which produces a yellowed discolouration to the floor. Combined with the accumulation of wax, deep scratches and general wear and tear can allow more dirt and dust to collect, which leads to the possible spread of allergens throughout the air. With proper care, such as professional floor stripping and waxing, these risks can be reduced. Moreover, a well cared for floor can extend the life of your flooring for years to come, protecting your investments and keeping your work environment looking beautiful.

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floor waxing toronto

Floor Stripping & Waxing

EB Services’ sanitation specialists are highly qualified when it comes to caring for all types of flooring. Whether your business has with hardwood office floors or cement warehouse flooring, EB Services is equipped with the expert knowledge and precise methods to handle any type of hard-surface flooring. Each flooring type is different and therefore requires a specific set of techniques in order to ensure your floors are both exceptionally clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Even linoleum and vinyl, materials which are widely known for their durability, have to be protected and professionally maintained to keep from losing their lustre. Removal of old floor finishing and the reapplication of a new one will help to restore a vibrant shine, keeping your floors looking like new, while helping to protect it from abrasions, stains, and dirt. A floor cleaned and treated with a smooth wax finish can be easily cared for by using a wet mop. This type of daily maintenance can help to limit the accumulation of dirt and dust that may collect between professional stripping and waxing treatments.

floor waxing toronto

We Will Refresh Your Floors

Our accomplished consultants are excellent at devising floor cleaning maintenance plans that suit your company’s needs, regardless of industry. We tailor each plan so that it’s unique to your business – its scheduling and budgetary requirements, and its specific cleaning necessities.

At EB Services, we’re serious about sanitation. From our procedures to equipment, our experienced staff use the highest quality floor care techniques. If it’s time your floors received a thorough, professional clean, contact one of our expert consultants today and find out what makes EB Services one of the leaders in our industry.

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At EB Services, we aim to deliver efficient sanitation solutions at a competitive price for businesses throughout the GTA, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, and Oakville.

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