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Government Office Cleaning for Toronto and the GTA

Cleaning for government buildings requires special care due to the high level of safety and security. With expertly trained staff, EB Services provides trusted cleaning services to government buildings throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Calling upon over 30 years of experience in the janitorial industry, our highly qualified managers work with staff to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our clients, while tending to the unique needs of government locations.

Scheduling Cleaning for Government Offices

At EB Services, we understand that your time is important. This is why our qualified consultants work closely with you to create a schedule that conforms to your office’s unique time and budgetary constraints. Whether you require services daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or less frequently if desired. Generating a plan that meets your requirements means only using the services you need when you need them. Though our routine cleaning services are mostly conducted nightly, certain services are only necessary on a monthly or even quarterly basis, which we’re more than happy to schedule in advance, eliminating the need to keep reminders for yourself.

Our staff at EB Services is held to the highest of standards in the industry, both in terms of ability and character. Each member of our team is expertly trained, fully insured, and bonded to ensure they meet our criteria for integrity and proficiency. Moreover, they work with hands-on supervisors who have decades of experience in the industry.

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goverment office cleaning toronto

Professional Cleaning for Government Offices

Within the GTA and its surrounding boroughs, government institutions stand as pillars of our communities and as such, require a unique set of cleaning and maintenance needs. At EB Services, our staff receives frequent industry training to ensure they are up to date with current safety and security protocols, and cleaning techniques. Though typical office cleaning may be a somewhat simple task for most building management, the security policies in place in government offices require a team of professionals who can deliver consistent results while following strict security guidelines. At EB Services, we work with you to create a unique set of policies for our staff ensuring that we operate within the scope of your precise security requirements, while maintaining the ability to provide superior cleaning for your offices.
goverment office cleaning toronto

Cleaning Services for Government Buildings

EB Services is able to provide a wide array of ongoing services for government offices, from routine janitorial work to sporadic deep cleaning. Trash removal, surface dusting, sweeping and vacuuming, are all typically part of our regular office cleaning process. Special care is provided for common areas which see high traffic and are often host to germs and bacteria, such as lavatories or kitchenettes. These areas are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to ensure a clean, healthy work environment for your employees. Maintaining a sanitary workspace results in higher productivity, reduced illness amongst staff and, as a result, fewer absences from work.

Many building managers choose to use EB Services’ superior floor stripping and waxing treatment for their hard surface flooring. Areas of high traffic, especially in the winter months, can see heavy dirt and grime build up, even with routine mopping, and this can lead to scratches and scuff marks, marring a floor’s overall appearance. With proper care by trained professionals, any permanent damage can be mitigated. Additionally, EB Services offers carpet and upholstery cleaning to help keep all your flooring looking its very best.

Some government office buildings have a number of windows which require routine washing. EB Services has years of experience cleaning windows of all shapes and sizes and our window cleaning services cover interior and exterior window washing, as well as cleaning for the tracks, frames, and sills.

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