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Grocery Store Cleaning for Toronto and the GTA Supermarkets

It’s no secret that the grocery store industry is incredibly competitive. Maintaining customer loyalty is paramount for keeping sales high and any lapse in-store appearance or hygiene can result in customers choosing to shop at competing locations. While the burden of hygienic food-handling lands on the establishment’s staff, much of the cleaning cannot necessarily be done in-house. Though sanitation is crucial, it’s important to remember that, to your clientele, atmosphere can be a deciding factor in whether or not they continue to patronize your establishment.

Specialized Services for Grocery Stores

Modern grocery stores require a unique type of cleaning services; they should look pristine enough to inspire the confidence of your customer base and they must be exceptionally sanitary. EB Services takes sanitation seriously. Not only do we provide a beautiful looking clean, but our extensive experience in food plant sanitation gives us the advantage over regular cleaning companies.

Those in the grocery industry typically take advantage of our professional floor care plans to keep their hard surface floors in excellent condition for years to come. As well, with large storefronts to consider, our extensive window cleaning services are perfect for interior and exterior window cleaning and maintaining a streak-free shine on all display cases and glass surfaces. At EB Services, we proudly use eco-friendly solutions and products in addition to providing MSDS documentation for all chemicals used in cleaning.

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Scheduling Services with EB

EB Services understands that your grocery store is a unique business and as such, has unique cleaning requirements. This is why we employ expert consultants to collaborate with you, learn the ins and outs of your daily operations, and build a cleaning schedule that fits your needs as a business. By creating a plan that includes everything your grocery store needs to operate efficiently, we can help to ensure your store is inviting, sanitary, and a place that customers want to visit for all their shopping needs.

At EB Services, we believe that safety in the workplace is incredibly important, which is why our highly trained staff is fully insured and bonded, working closely with hands-on supervisors. We utilize innovative cleaning techniques paired with state of the art equipment to provide our clients with thorough sanitation and cleanliness.

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The Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

As your operations expand, maintaining the cleanliness of a grocery store becomes more important and grows more complicated. Floors, walk-in freezers, food preparation areas, deli, bakery, and butcher stations – all of these areas will require special care and cleaning to ensure that your grocery is free of bacteria and other contaminants. Furthermore, areas that see high traffic from customers, such as entryways, checkout lanes, and bathrooms not only need to be sanitary, but should look their best in order to leave your customers with a positive impression of your grocery store every time they shop.

A grocery store that is not kept clean is not only unsightly, but presents serious health hazards for both customers and employees. This creates a domino effect; unhealthy employees take more sick days, directly impacting customer service, which ultimately affects your store’s overall sales margins. When EB Services provides cleaning solutions, we ensure that your grocery store is both clean and sanitized.

The upkeep and sanitization of a grocery store can be an immense challenge for even the best facility manager and with all of these elements to consider, it’s no wonder that these managers most often turn to professional janitorial companies like EB Services for the maintenance of their grocery stores.

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Our reputation throughout the Greater Toronto Area for keeping grocery stores looking their best is second to none. We invite you to contact us today for a free consultation to discover how EB Services can satisfy your sanitation needs.

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