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Maintaining cleanliness in an academic setting is an important responsibility. EB Services institutional cleaning program works hard to provide superior service for all levels of education facilities by exceeding the standards required to ensure the health and safety of the faculty and its students, while providing a beautiful environment in which to teach and learn. Proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area and its surrounding boroughs, EB Services extends its educational institutional cleaning services to both private and public schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Each educational facility requires unique care and a detailed cleaning plan. With a large number of visitors on a daily basis, floors can see heavy traffic, washrooms are in use frequently, and lunch rooms, cafeterias, and break rooms are a common area for messes to quickly accumulate. As such, EB Services is able to tailor a cleaning plan to meet the challenges of maintaining a clean environment for your students and faculty.

Damage Cleanup Breakdown

Depending on your school district, the budget allocated for cleaning may have many administrators leaning towards having in-house cleaners. Typically, while this can help to save money it has the drawback of encouraging administrators and facility management to make added cuts to supplies and equipment. This can result in ineffective and out-of-date cleaning products and equipment, as well as custodial staff without adequate training. With a lack of quality supplies, equipment, and trained staff, safety through proper sanitation methods is often overlooked.

In most schools, though particularly in elementary settings, there is a real concern for the spread of germs and viruses. Educational institutions are crowded, busy spaces, which can help to compound the rate at which illness spreads. This is why the cleaning of such spaces must be taken seriously and EB Services’ professional sanitation specialists understand that schools have unique cleaning needs that require routine upkeep in order to maintain a level of cleanliness and safety for their students and faculty

Due to the fact that teachers, faculty, and students are in close contact every single day, a high level of disinfecting and sanitization is critical for both health and tidiness. Our expert consultants work with countless educational institutions to customize cleaning plans that cater to the needs of their unique sanitation needs, which in turn produces a cleaner learning environment. With routine schedules, our professional janitorial staff combines high quality equipment, commercial supplies, and masterful sanitation techniques to ensure an immaculate clean each and every time.

Many janitorial companies will cover only surface cleaning – removing dirt and debris from surface areas. However, EB Services understands that just because it looks clean, it may not necessarily be disinfected or sanitized. In many instances, simple soap and water are not enough to kill the germs and bacteria that can cause serious health issues and basic, surface-level cleaning merely shifts these bacteria around rather than killing them. This is why sanitization and disinfection are particularly significant steps in the cleaning process. Proper sanitization ensures that, after the surfaces have been cleaned, any remaining germs are dead. When it comes to working out a preferred cleaning routine, it may be natural to consider cleaning hallways and classrooms as they’re known for their high traffic, but areas such as washrooms and cafeterias or lunch rooms are especially in need of routine focused cleaning as they can be breeding grounds for bacteria.

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During the school year, it’s important to keep up with routine cleaning, but it’s also necessary to consider upkeep during the summer months. It’s an excellent opportunity to execute full cleaning programs that may not be able to occur while school is in session, such as floor refinishing. Additionally, sporting, community, and other large events may require special cleanups for which EB Services is happy to provide specialized cleaners on a daily or nightly basis. For more information about how we can help to keep your educational institution immaculately clean, contact us today.

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