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EB Services is a company that believes in the power of clean workspaces. It’s been proven time and time again that a clean environment for employees leads to higher productivity and boosted morale. With this in mind, our commercial cleaning company has been meeting the janitorial needs of corporate and small business offices throughout the Greater Toronto Area for many years. We believe that cleanliness is a small concept that makes a huge impact.

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A disorganized, unsanitary office can wreak havoc on its overall efficiency. Not only is an unclean workplace unhealthy for its workers, but it can substantially lower employee dispositions. Studies have shown that businesses which maintain a cleaner, fresher environment for its workers are more profitable. Moreover, a sanitary workplace means fewer sick days taken by employees. At EB Services, we understand that professionalism is a large concern for businesses and with this comes the desire to maintain a professional looking environment for both employees and visitors to your location.

Your staff are not the only ones who may suffer from unclean conditions. Should you have clients coming to your office, your office’s appearance is of the utmost importance as, for them, it’s a direct reflection of your brand. If your clients are not comfortable when they come to do business with you, it can be much more difficult to negotiate or close deals. Keeping your office clean with regular maintenance provided by EB Services ensures that both employees and clients see your office as a professional, appealing environment.

In addition to general cleaning such as dusting, vacuuming, and trash removal, EB Services provides essential cleaning services for offices. Sanitation and disinfection are important steps to reduce the spread of infection and illness, creating a healthier workplace for your employees and visitors. Routine cleaning leaves lavatories smelling fresher and free of bacteria thanks to proper disinfection. Designated eating areas are also prime locations for harbouring mould and germs and, therefore, regular cleansing of kitchenettes and breakrooms is vitally important to maintain proper hygiene in the workplace.

As a one stop shop for cleaning services, many modern business owners in the GTA and surrounding areas prefer to take advantage of our other, more in-depth services, adding them to their customized cleaning schedules. EB Services offers comprehensive floor care routines for hard surface flooring, including floor stripping and waxing. This ensures your flooring remains clean and beautiful on a regular basis. A number of our clients who use our office cleaning services have carpeting and require our carpet and upholstery treatment options. As well, we use innovative techniques for interior and exterior window cleaning to provide you with spotless, streak-free windows in your office space.

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office cleaning toronto

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With EB Services’ reputable team of sanitation specialists, we’re able to offer high-quality results for your office environment. Our skilled employees provide reliable services using advanced cleaning methods and cutting-edge equipment. We pride ourselves on the superior training our team receives as well as the fact that each member of our staff is fully insured and bonded, and work closely with proactive supervisors.

When you create a cleaning schedule with EB Services, you’ll be collaborating with one of our masterful consultants, generating a unique plan that adheres precisely to your company’s specific requirements. Routine cleaning can be scheduled on a nightly, weekly, or semi-weekly basis, fluctuating dependant on your needs, with a focus on your time and budgetary constraints.

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For more information about our post-fire or -water event cleanup methods and how we can help to disinfect and deodorize your commercial or office space, we invite you to contact our professional consultants at EB Services for a free consultation today.

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