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Post Construction Cleaning toronto
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As an experienced commercial cleaning company, EB Services has been putting our extensive knowledge to good use for over 30 years by becoming one of the Greater Toronto Area’s leaders in post-construction cleanup. Construction projects can be a messy business and, once the dust is settled, your client will no doubt be anxious to see your finished product. By combining our years of professional expertise with our sharp eye for detail, you can be sure of a top to bottom clean of your construction space.

With all the dirt and debris often left behind after a large – or even small – construction project, EB Services is fully equipped to meet your high standards for a post-construction cleanup. We specialize in the reliable, thorough cleaning required for tidying after undertakings such as yours. With efficient industrial cleaning services, supplies, and staff, EB Services provides an immaculate finish for your project so that you can be proud to hand off your beautifully constructed property to your client.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Ensuring that your newly constructed or renovated space is move-in ready means being rid of all the dust and dirt that comes with building. Anyone who has worked on a construction site can attest to the high levels of debris and dirt that are left over after a project is finished; they come with the territory. Because the dust is often comprised of sawdust and other fine particles, it can coat everything from windows to walls, doorknobs to light switches. Every surface needs attention and care in order to be sure the environment is both inviting and sanitary. By performing a detailed clean, specific to your exacting needs, our staff is able to guarantee that your clients are satisfied with their new space, whether it’s a new home or business.

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Post Construction Cleaning toronto

Experienced & Professional Options

With decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, EB Services has a wide array of services available to meet your construction site’s specific cleaning needs. Often, post-construction cleaning requires a much more thorough clean than most janitorial companies are able to provide. With our top of the line equipment, efficient cleaning methods, and expert staff, we’re able to offer the most effective clean for your newly built location. As a full-service commercial cleaning company, we provide countless options for post-construction cleanups. Not only do we include the basics such as dusting, sweeping, mopping, and window cleaning, but we also handle detailed steam cleaning for carpets and upholstery cleaning. No matter how large or small the cleanup, our staff is meticulous in their work, from baseboards to light fixtures.

Post Construction Cleaning toronto

Custom Built Cleanup Plans

In order to ensure your site is the cleanest it can be, our adept consultants work with you to draft a customized plan outlining the exacting needs of you and your client. We want to provide you with peace of mind and our best bet for doing so is to create the perfect cleaning schedule baring in mind your time constraints and budgetary requirements.

When our staff performs a task, we do it right. Each team member is expertly trained, fully insured, and bonded, not only ensuring their safety but the quality of their work. At EB Services, we also employ hands-on supervisors who work cooperatively with our cleaning team and help to carry out routine check-ins on the progress at your site, keeping you informed on a regular basis. Our employees also work with eco-friendly cleaning options and we’re pleased to provide MSDS documentation for any chemicals that we use on site.

We at EB pride ourselves on our reputation throughout the GTA and surrounding areas for providing stellar cleaning solutions to countless industries. For more information about how EB Services can help to satisfy your post-construction cleaning needs today, we invite you to contact us for a consultation.

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At EB Services, we aim to deliver efficient sanitation solutions at a competitive price for businesses throughout the GTA, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, and Oakville.

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