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EB Services understands that the regular maintenance of retail establishments is required to ensure a steady flow of interested customers. When it comes to the retail industry, brand identity is important and, on a retail level, nowhere is that more evident than in store appearance. Keeping up an appealing aesthetic is crucial for achieving sales goals and retaining customer loyalty. It’s been proven that customers much prefer frequenting establishments which are able to provide a high level of quality service through cleanliness.

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Regardless of your specific industry or the products you sell, every type of retail establishment can see benefits through professional commercial janitorial services. EB Services proudly provides routine cleaning services to clients in shopping centres, plazas, and outlet stores throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Maintaining an outstanding level of cleanliness is paramount for each of our clients in order to keep their customers returning time after time and we have over a decade of experience providing exceptional service for the retail industry.

By hiring a professional cleaning services company, you’re able to ensure that your staff are free to focus on growing your business and serving your client base to the best of their ability rather than spend time and effort on in house cleaning. While EB Services manages your store’s cleaning, you’re able to concentrate on managing your business, communicating with your clients, and selling your products.

At EB Services, we are proud to provide eco-friendly options for cleaning solutions. With our wide array of innovative equipment and commercial grade products paired with our seasoned staff’s expert knowledge, we’re able to provide efficient results for your retail space.

With our extensive experience serving the retail industry, we understand that each establishment has unique cleaning needs. In addition to general cleaning tasks, many retail locations choose to take advantage of our routine window cleaning services for large glass storefronts and window displays. We also offer a comprehensive care plan for hard surface flooring including floor strip and wax services. Other retail companies choose to include carpet and upholstery cleaning as part of their regular janitorial cleaning schedule with EB Services. Our routine cleaning services are offered at a time that is most convenient for you, based on your operating hours. Whether you require janitorial duties performed on a nightly, weekly, or semi-weekly basis, scheduling regular cleaning ensures your store is a clean, comfortable environment for your clients to shop every day of the week.

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Scheduled Cleaning with EB Services

At EB Services, we understand that each retail store requires a unique cleaning plan and our consultants are proficient in building a fully customized schedule to meet your specific needs. We’re able to tailor the types of cleaning services, frequency of cleaning, sanitation techniques, and many other options in order to ensure all of your requirements are fulfilled. Moreover, our commitment to your satisfaction means we provide the right staff for the job. Each member of our team is expertly trained, as well as fully insured and bonded, ensuring the safety of both our staff and your property.

Our reputation throughout the GTA and surrounding areas for providing clean, sanitary workspaces is truly second to none. For routine, simplified cleaning for your retail environment, we invite you to contact EB Services today and speak to one of our experienced consultants today. With our specialized cleaning solutions, a beautifully clean store is just a phone call away.

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At EB Services, we aim to deliver efficient sanitation solutions at a competitive price for businesses throughout the GTA, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, and Oakville.

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