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Increased operational efficiency is dependent on a clean warehouse environment. It is therefore essential to provide a tidy workspace to bolster productivity. Moreover, cleanliness in a warehouse or distribution centre helps to maintain employee health and wellbeing, which also has a clear impact on performance and product output, thanks to the prevention of illness- or accident-related absences from work.

For large warehouses, upkeep and maintenance can be an overwhelming task and in-house janitorial staff is often an insufficient source for cleaning. Depending on the nature of your business, a professional janitorial services company is advisable to cover all the maintenance requirements for your warehouse.

Warehouse Cleanup Breakdown

In order to ensure your business continues to run in the highly efficient manner you’ve grown accustomed to, you’ll need a team of trained sanitation specialists who work within your scheduling structures. This allows your warehouse to operate at peak proficiency while maintaining profitability margins.

Unlike many regular janitorial cleaning jobs, warehouses need a very specific kind of care when cleaning. A major concern for warehouse facility owners is adherence to safety regulations, and EB Services follows strict, site-specific protocols to help safeguard your employees’ health and wellbeing. Our expert team works tirelessly to pinpoint areas that are in need of special attention for cleaning and disinfection, eliminating potential health risks. With an eye for detail, you can be sure that the staff at EB Services provides a thorough, effective clean from top to bottom.

EB Services understands that commercial warehouse cleaning is a large commitment. We offer a number of key services for the care of warehouses all of which can be fully customized to fit into a tailored cleaning schedule for your business. Not only do we provide general cleaning services for your warehouse’s office, lobby, and reception areas, but we also offer thorough sanitation services for all restrooms.

Our main focus, however, lies in the in-depth cleaning of your warehouse space. With the high amount of foot traffic through the warehouse floor on a daily basis, dirt and dust can build up quite quickly. Addressing the dirt is not only important to protect your employees’ health, but also to protect your products. Tidying at low and high levels is essential to maintaining a clean environment. Additionally, we provide innovative care for hard surface flooring, which helps to reduce the likelihood of damage to floors while keeping it clean and looking presentable. Additionally, we perform a comprehensive cleaning for surfaces, including machines and conveyor belts.

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Customized Cleaning Schedules

Our services are offered on a nightly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or more infrequent basis, depending on the needs of your operational requirements. As a full service commercial cleaning company, EB Services has decades of experience cleaning and sanitizing warehouses in the Greater Toronto Area. We take pride in offering a wide variety of options to provide our clients with solutions that keep their businesses running efficiently. By meeting with one of our seasoned consultants, you can be sure that the cleaning plan devised for your facility meets your unique scheduling and budgetary needs.

Our staff at EB Services has been expertly trained by and works with hands-on supervisors on an ongoing basis to ensure that each one of our team members remains up to date with the latest in cleaning techniques. What’s more, because we value the safety of our employees and your business, every single one of our specialists is fully insured and bonded.

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