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As one of the most common forms of property damage, water damage can be caused by countless issues. Plumbing and appliance overflow, flooding, sewer backups, and other problems can all result in varying degrees of water damage to a property. Water used for putting out fires can also cause extensive harm. In this case, it goes without saying that the fire itself is equally destructive, leaving both structural issues as well as smoke damages. If your company’s property has suffered from the devastating effects of fire or water damage, our professionals are able to fully clean your space, removing lingering odours of mould, mildew, or smoke.

(note, we do not do mould remediation, please consult with a licenced contractor for that service.)

Damage Cleanup Breakdown

Without immediate treatment, devastation from water and floods can compound over time until it has become a serious emergency. Water contains contaminants which can hinder the advancement of emergency services and the development of mould can exasperate the situation. As well, once mould has formed, remediation is necessary after dry out has been completed. Due to the numerous health risks associated with flood and water damage, swift action is recommended in order to ensure not only the health and safety of the location’s occupants, but the mitigation of any deterioration to the property and its contents.

Once the water has been cleared out, the cleaning process can begin. Professional cleaning treatments to furniture, upholstery, flooring, and other surfaces affected by water is a preferable avenue as deodorization and sanitation are often required following water incidents. Our competent team works with various methods of disinfection for all surfaces, so you can be sure that, following any level of water damage, your commercial space has no lingering odours or harmful bacteria.

After a fire, it is likely that your workspace has suffered from fire and smoke damage. Not only will there likely be an excess of soot with which to contend, but anyone who has ever smelled the lingering odour of soot can attest to its persistence. Thankfully, EB Services has a team of specialists who are adept in the cleaning process. Because each type of fire can be different, depending on its cause, our team understands that a unique approach to clean up is required each time. Though the general process is similar, our efficient professionals tackle every fire damage cleanup with precision and care.

The aftermath of a fire can be especially destructive for business and commercial property owners. Not only do they have to deal with the cleanup, but they often require downtime in order to see to it that the space is made safe before their employees can return to work. This is devastating to profit margins and, if the workspace is improperly cared for following a fire, can lower employee morale. EB Services works with you so that the entire cleaning process is done within your time constraints to ensure your business is back up and running as soon as possible.

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water damage cleanup toronto

Professional Cleaning for Fire & Water Damage

Getting to know our clients is essential to our work. We, therefore, take the time to understand your company’s needs in depth so that we’re able to customize With the lasting devastation caused by both fire and water, as well as the health risks involved in improper cleaning following emergencies of these types, hiring a professional janitorial cleaning team is essential for making sure your business is reliably cleaned following the incident. Not only is our staff fully trained in a full range of cleaning techniques, but we utilize high-grade equipment in the sanitation process. After a fire or flood event, our expert cleaners call upon decades of experience in the janitorial industry to disinfect and deodorize all affected areas, from floors to furniture. Our careful handling of upholstery cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, and other sanitation procedures make EB Services especially qualified for situations such as these.

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